Authors of Summit Greens

Authors of Summit Greens

Please visit the links below for information on books by our own residents of Summit Greens. Also, please e-mail information on other authors from here that you know and I will be happy to add them.

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Carl Beckman, Author of Discourse for the Literati

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A fit of pique lead to the creation of the Discourse, an electronic publication of articles containing the sometimes satirical, sometimes esoteric, and often humorous writings of the man known as Graybeard after he fell prey to a kangaroo court and was dismissed as editor of his community newsletter.

In Discourse for the Literati, Carl Beckman, who uses the pen name Graybeard, shares selections from his reborn publication, which includes commentaries, a bit of humor, satirical missives on travel, the intrusion of technology in our lives, and nostalgia, and other pithy comments, reflections, and bon mots. From a funny history of America and a satire about computers to commentaries on getting old and witticisms about food, travel, and the modern world, there’s a little of something for everyone.

Now in his seventh decade of life, Graybeard opens the Discourse to anyone interested in the idiosyncratic musings of a man reincarnated to write whatever he wanted to write and to publish–no censorship and no deadlines, just a writer and something to say.

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Steven Allan Pease, Self-Published author currently working on a middle-grade adventure/fantasy book series called, “The Adventures of Rocky and the Bear Claw Club”.

In this book series ‘The Adventure of Rocky and the Bear Claw Club: The Legend of the Pirate Blackbear’s Lost Gold Pinecone’ you will learn that danger is coming to the Valley of Bearton.

The main character, Rocky and his friends have no idea that they are being prepared to face what is coming. In a valley surrounded by un-passable snow covered mountains of Maine the hidden location of the Pirate Blackbear’s lost colony has kept the secret of pirate treasure and the truth of what happened to the original colonists for almost two hundred years.

Yes, you may have guessed it.  A tale of lost pirate treasure with danger at every turn; far far away from the Caribbean. Complete with the never ending battle between the forces of good and evil.

Join Rocky and the Bear Claw Club as they begin their adventure in “The Threat of the Wolfkang Clan”.

There is one twist, what you may not be expecting is that the orphans are not human. No, they are…

Book 1: “The Legend of the Pirate Blackbear’s Lost Gold Pinecone, The Threat of the Wolfkang Clan” is available on Amazon for kindle, kindle unlimited and print. Published July 2015.

Amazon Link:

Rocky Book Series FB page Link:

The Adventures of Rocky

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Linda Lewis

Linda writes wonderful childrens’ fiction and although she has moved from Summit Greens, her heart and many friends reside here.  She is a frequent visitor and her books are a must read for your grandchildren.

quill lineSheryl Needle Cohn, PhD  407-443-8437  

The Boy in the Suitcase Holocaust , Stories of Survival

                        Hamilton Books, a Division of Roman & Littlefield.                         Available in Hard Copy, Soft Copy, Nook &  Kindle’s passion for the details and research that have gone into this book will make it one that you cannot put down.  

quill lineEddie Davenport

The Secret of the Sleigh Bell smEddie Davenport smquill lineCharlene-JPG-photo-300x269Charlene Costanzo, Author

Please join Charlene’s amazing journey through surviving the dreaded word “CANCER!”  Her ventures will thrill you and soothe your soul.  You will visit her sites over and over.

Author, THE TWELVE GIFTS collection
~ life changing messages about the treasure within you~

Touchstones: Stories for Living The Twelve Gifts

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Andrea (Andi) Sell
2828 Highland View Circle
Clermont, FL  34711
cell:  407-319-3623
I have written and published a book of poems about living in a senior community.  Call or email me for information to purchase.
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  1. Carl Beckman has written a marvelous book, Discourse for the Literati, The Wit & Wisdom of Graybeard. Once you start reading it, you’ll have trouble putting it down. He begins by describing life today as he sees it with light hearted humor, satire, and commentary much in the style of past humorist Robert Benchley. His tongue-in-cheek historical philosophy will keep you amused as he jumps through the ages from one part of history to another. Other parts of the book include a semi-autobiography of his multi-faceted life and a review of his world travel experiences. He expresses his feelings on life today as we all are experiencing it. The reader will get the feeling that he not only enjoys life but feels deeply on many subjects. This is a fun, easy to read book that will keep you glued throughout.

    Review by Roger L. Gordon, Professor Emeritus, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 1-19-2018

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