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Green Postcard Scam


I received a green post card from Combined Package Services, Whitehouse, Texas. This is a scam. It was sent via official first class postage, not the bulk rate postage which is usually used for solicitations. The post card is a notification for a package pickup, with a tracking number and had an 855 area code telephone number to call. The attached word document is a copy of information regarding this company from the Michigan Better Business Bureau, where this scam has been occurring. Apparently this company also using Express Package Delivery is moving to our area, because of the senior population. If you can let other residents know of these post cards perhaps it will save someone some grief in the future. I hope this is helpful.

Andy Schneider, Wolf Creek Street.
News Release #120109
Issued: 12-17-2009
Contact: Ken Vander Meeden
616-774-8236 or Email: bbbceo [at] iserv [dot] net
Consumer Alert
Scam “Delivery” Package
Offer Hits West Michigan
The BBB of Western Michigan warns ALL regional residents that a SCAM OFFER has been mailed to hundreds of consumers. The “postcard” claims to be a “package” that could not be delivered to you during the Christmas season and claims, “Sorry we missed you!!!”
Scam offer is from:
Express Package Delivery
P.O. Box 131690
Tyler TX 75713-1690
Phone: (888) 4-PAK-DEL
or (903) 839-1500
Instructions are to “Call to schedule pickup”. After calling the number, consumers are asked for the twelve-digit pickup number and then told that they have a free vacation package. Consumers are then asked for a credit card number to pay for a, “…nominal delivery fee,” which must be paid in advance.
Consumer complaints allege the company is sending out a card by mail, which claims in red letters, “SORRY WE MISSED YOU”, and also in bold letters, “CALL TO SCHEDULE PICKUP”.
On calling the number, the consumer is:
• asked for 12 digit pickup number on card
• asked for credit card number to pay for a “nominal” delivery fee which must be paid in advance
• consumers state EPD is using deceptive marketing tactics, since there was no attempted delivery
• also calling the EPD number reveals your home phone number to them, even if the number is on the DO NOT CALL list
• EPD has 4 unanswered complaints (3 in Michigan) and an “F” rating already at the BBB. As this offer just arrived in west Michigan, it appears our region was the first targeted.
Ken Vander Meeden, BBB of Western Michigan President, stated:
“I received this offer at my own home and immediately checked it out at www.bbb.org as it looks, acts, and certainly is very deceptive and misleading. As many people expect package deliveries during the holidays, it certainly garners attention immediately. This is a flat out scam to sell vacation certificates and gain access to credit card information. Our alert needs to be publicized in all 38 counties in west Michigan before significant losses are incurred. As law enforcement is difficult for false advertising, we encourage all consumers to file complaints at www.bbb.org. While they have an “F” BBB Business Rating, more research is being done to assist law enforcement in getting involved in this offer.”
As always, Start With Trust by checking every unknown offer or company at the BBB.