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Roof Safety Issue

I wanted to follow up my earlier post. Wildlife Patrol, Robert Schafer 407-575-6783 (cell) & 866-8727 (office) inspected my neighbor’s roof upon his request and discovered the exact same problem I had regarding an unsecured roof vent. Additionally, my neighbor has a gable roof (mine is a hip root) and found joint openings at the corner angles (joints) under the roof lip large enough for him to place his hand partially through the opening into the attic space.

Such openings will allow wind driven rain to enter the attic in addition to allowing strong winds an entry point under the roof that could possibly result in very negative consequences. He observed similar openings in the gable roof of my other next door neighbor also. We all had new roofs installed within the last year or so.

That’s three (3) out of three (3) roofs with serious potential problems. I’d wager there are other homes out there with similar undetected problems. Without my roof rat/s, I never would have ever known. I’d recommend for all to conduct an independent or personal inspection ref. attempting to physically test the security of all roof vents by attempting to lift roof vents to test if they are secure and inspecting all gable angles/joints for your own welfare.

If you are relying on the final inspection conducted by the installer or the City building inspector, you may be making the same mistake I made. My roof may have passed those inspections but my roof was definitely not secure in terms of potential wind or water damage. I’m sure any roofer or competent handyman could conduct such an inspection.

Unsecured vent on new roof & roof rats

I had a new roof installed in 2015. Unfortunately, I have roof rats and contacted Wildlife Patrol, Robert Schafer, who lives here in Clermont. He conducted an inspection and discovered an unsecured roof vent which he could easily lift with his hand. He advised the rat/s probably simply lifted the vent to enter. He inspects for free.

Naturally, the greater danger is the unsecured vent. Had we experienced a hurricane, the wind might have lifted the vent from the vent hole allowing the wind/rain to enter our home at a minimum. At the worst, the wind would have lifted the roof off of our home.

He’s going to secure the vent, seal other potential entry points and exterminate the rodents. I’d strongly recommend that all home owners should check to see if their roof vents are secure, especially if you have a new roof. The rodents were a blessing in disguise as we might have suffered irreparable storm damage.

When the Clermont building inspector signed off on the job, he never went up on the roof but only viewed it from the ground. In my opinion, his inspection was worthless other than justifying the permit fee for the City.

Submitted by Paul Wilks, Summit Greens

Thank you so much for bringing awareness to this problem and solution to our neighborhood.